Live Music

Live Music

There is something about live music in Bali, sunset views and the sound of the waves on the beach below that creates the perfect finish to a day in Bali. Sundara’s soundtrack takes a new direction with live music 6 days a week from Bali’s top indie artists to accompany your sundowners and take you through the night for dinner at one of the best restaurants in Bali.

Tuesday | 6pm – 9pm
Soulful and eclectic acoustic with Roger

Wednesday | 6pm – 9pm
Blues acoustic with Jim Larkin

Thursday | 6pm – 9pm
Latin acoustics with Buena Tierra

Friday | 6pm – 9pm
Postmodern Jukebox with The Cleffs

Saturday | 6pm – 9pm
Reggae acoustic with Litha & The Rastafyah

Sunday | 12pm – 3pm (during Sunday Brunch)
Soulful and eclectic acoustic with Yoga &Akustika