Bali’s Longest Brunch

Bali’s Longest Brunch

11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Welcome to Bali’s Longest Brunch dining experience. Enjoy six hours of beachfront gazing and grazing with an unlimited selection of small plates for you to enjoy maximum variety of our Modern Asian-inspired cuisine.

Soak up Sundara’s all-day beach lifestyle with relaxed seaside dining, always full of flavours and textures to delight and surprise your palate. Save room for dessert.


Ancient Grain Bircher (V, N) berry, pistachio, vanilla rose yogurt
Chia Parfait (VE, N)almond milk, papaya, longan, lime, coconut
Local Heirloom Tomato (V) fresh mozzarella, chocolate balsamic
Cauliflower Tabouleh (VE, N) pomegranate, flatbread, cashew hummus
Little Gems (GF, P, N) crispy bacon, parmesan, ranch dressing
Whipped Goat’s Cheese (GF, V)burnt carrot, sunflower seed tahini
Red Snapper Carpaccio (GF)pomelo, vanilla, local herbs
Tea Smoked Mahi Mahi | seaweed cracker, takuan pickle, soy mirin dressing
Bruschetta (V)wild mushroom, charred cabbage and feta
Ahi Poke (N) ginger flower, avocado, crispy quail egg
Tiger Prawn (GF, N)mint, lime leaf, nam prik pow
Kim Chi Roll (GF)korean chicken, gochujang, pickled radish
Swimmer Crab (GF)coconut, lime and palm sugar dressing
Duck & Chicken Liver Parfait | tomato chutney, toasted bread
Chicken Betutu (GF)peanut cracker, local spice


Lombok Oyster Tempura | wasabi mayo, sea grapes
Banh Xeo (GF)vietnamese crepe, pork belly, prawn, nuoc cham dressing
Panko Egg (V)bbq eggplant, moroccan dressing
Quinoa Goreng (V)kale, egg white, tofu, sprouts
Torched Foie Gras (GF) nashi pear, rujak dressing, cacao
Roti Canai | grilled flat bread, nonya curry sauce
Sardines on Toast | coriander dressing, sambal tomatillo
Venus Clams (GF)young ginger, hot sour broth
Salt & Pepper Squid | kalamansi lime, bonito aioli
Char Siew Pork Slider (P, A, N)vietnamese papaya, siracha mayo
Soft Shell Crab (GF, N)green mango, chilli jam, cashews
Black Cod | mushroom escabeche, dashi butter
Sate Lilit Ayam (GF, N)nake fruit, sambal ketcup
Adi’s Lamb Curry (GF)local spices, eggplant
Beef Cheek (GF)palm sugar, pickled water spinach, carambola


Rum-y Cheese Cake (A)
Coconut Lychee Trifle
Paris-Bali | Caramelized Praline, Choux Puff
Yogurt Blueberry Macaroon (N)
Japanese Yuzu Cream | Green Tea Sponge, Passion Fruit Curd & Sago Pearl
Frambos (N) | Raspberry Rose Lychee Custard, Caramelized Macadamia (N)
Classic (GF, N) | Nemesis Chocolate Cake, Bali Chocolate Ice Cream
Burgery (N) | Peanut Ice Coffee Burger
Exotic Fruit Ginger Crispy Meringue (GF) | Mango Coriander Sauce
Red Creamy Cheesy | Red Velvet Sponge Cake, Cream Cheese Filling
Cherry Apple Pie
Savoury Sweet: Miso Pot de Crème, Green Tea Crumbs
Rice Field (GF) | Black Rice Pudding, Coconut Sauce, 40-second Rice Sponge
Thai | Coconut Tapioca Pudding, Spiced Papaya
Purple Ice: Taro Ice Cream, Mini Choux Puff


(V) Vegetarian
(GF) Gluten Free
(N) Contains Nuts
(VE) Vegan
(P) Pork
(A) Alcohol

Prices are in ‘000 Rupiah and subject to tax and service charge of 21%.

*All food is subject to availability