Phillip Taylor

Phillip Taylor - Executive Chef

“Food tells a story about people and culture. Like a person, it has character, individuality, history, pride and serves a very important purpose. My biggest influence comes from travelling around the globe and exploring local cuisine with different chefs.”

If it wasn’t for a drastic career change Phillip would be selling prescription drugs right now. To put himself through university while studying Pharmacy, he worked at a small but busy café on Melbourne’s famous Lygon Street. He loved the camaraderie in the kitchen, the creative abandon of his early mentor, and the stories behind different dishes. He realised he wanted to be a professional chef, but completed the Pharmacy degree before enrolling at a culinary school.

Thirteen years later and he has criss-crossed the globe as a chef, from Michelin-starred restaurants in London to flagship restaurants and hotels around Asia. Each new destination opens up exciting new explorations into flavours, textures and history. The journey has led him to work under and alongside inspiring mentors, and to explore different cultures through their food.

A hands-on Executive Chef, he values time in the kitchen with his team. He is usually found at one of the resort’s five outlets: Sundara Beach-Club & Restaurant, Taman Wantilan restaurant, Alu poolside café, Jala Cooking Academy and In-Villa Dining. His immediate priority was enhancing the Modern Asian menus at Sundara, the resort’s signature restaurant, where he has added new dishes combining classical French techniques with Oriental flavours.

Phillip Taylor

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