Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table

Enjoy an interactive dining experience with Sundara’s culinary team.
This palate-pleasing 5-course menu is inspired by Indonesia’s diversity featuring ingredients such as Borneo wild boar, Sulawesi crayfish and an exciting liquid-nitrogen dessert.

Chef’s Table menu: Rp1,200,000++ (additional Rp500,000 for matching cocktail)


Smoked Cod | seaweed, pomelo, bengkuang, burnt lemon
(matching cocktail) Gin n Jamu | Gin, turmeric, mint, kalamansi

First Course

Torched Foie Gras | mulberry, kintamani orange, fresh cocoa
(matching cocktail) Jeruk Lifter | Bourbon, orange, rosemary

Second Course

Bamboo Lobster | Umami butter, purple yam, dabu-dabu
(matching cocktail) Kare Tini | Tequila, curry leaf, local spices

Third Course

Pasture Chicken | freshwater crayfish, opor sauce, sambal goreng
(matching cocktail) Hot Sour Poh | Rum, tamarind, mango, chili


Coconut Sago | mango, white chocolate, kacang ijo, coconut espuma
(matching cocktail) Kelapa kacang | Brandy, coconut, hazelnut
Petit Fours