Timeless Arak

Timeless Arak

Curcuma | arak infused with tamulawak, tonic, dried curcuma | 135
Pusuh Biu | arak infused with banana, tonic, dried banana | 135
Sepet Manis | arak infused with juwet, tonic, fresh cranberry | 135
Pandan Harum | arak infused with pandan wangi, vanilla tonic | 135
Vanilli Manis | arak infused with vanilla, tonic, dried apple | 135
Bedugul | arak infused with strawberry, tonic, fresh strawberry | 135
Gula Pasir | arak infused with salak, tonic, fresh salak, edible flower | 135
Munti Gunung | arak infused with rosella, tonic, dried rosella, edible flower | 135

Bale Daje | spice-infused arak, salak juice, lime juice | balance of sweet and sour, spicy aftertaste | 135
Lemo Kuna | arak, makrut lime syrup, bali lime juice and kalamansi | tangy with citrus aftertaste | 135
Wajik Ireng | coconut charcoal-infused arak, young coconut water, coconut puree, palm sugar | creamy and caramelized | 135
Sibetan | brem, salak-infused arak, homemade salak syrup, lemon juice, tamarind juice, pineapple juice | tropical balance of fruity and sour | 135
Jegeg Nyangluh Mocktail | kaempferia, turmeric, rice water, coconut water, lime juice, honey | earthy and herby with sweet aftertaste | 95

Serreo Spritz | homemade aperitif, homemade pomegranate soda, orange bitters | balance of floral and herby | 185
Alfonso ‘The Great’ | banana-infused rum, orange bitters, mint syrup, lemon juice, soursop juice | refreshing with strong banana after taste | 185
Ginjinha Bold | port wine, spice-infused rum, sour cherry puree, lemon juice, raspberry syrup | refreshing balance of sweet and sour | 185
Spanish Sangria | red wine, brandy, sweet vermouth, raspberry syrup, lemon juice, sparkling wine | intensely fruity | 185
Horchata Mocktail | almond milk, spice syrup, peanut ice cream, grated nutmeg, cinnamon Creamy and nutty | our Asian version of this famous Spanish iced beverage | 95

Batavian Ginger Beer | secang tree bark-infused whisky, lemon juice, javanese honey, homemade ginger beer | rustic and bold | 200
Nutmeg Bender | brandy, crème de cacao brown, nutmeg, cream | creamy rich flavour, intoxicating nutmeg finish | 200
Jayawikarta Smash | gin, Bali basil, lemon juice, sugar syrup, purple basil flower | fragrant and herbal | 200
Dutch Apple Tini | brandy, pastis, apple syrup, apple juice, lemon juice, vanilla syrup, cinnamon powder | sweet and sour | 200
Anijscoolant Mocktail | homemade vanilla spice syrup, lemon juice, mango juice, orange juice, tonic water | refreshing with bold earthy flavour and vanilla undertone | 95

Oishi Mule | sake, vodka, raspberry liqueur, pomegranate syrup, lemon juice, fresh ginger juice, house made ginger beer | sweet and sour with a warming ginger finish | 220
Chilly Maryrita | tequila, lemon juice, vanilla syrup, passionfruit, togarashi, chilli, lime | fruity tones, subtle spicy aftertaste | 220
Merah Putih – Our National Flag | smoked whiskey, cola, orange twist | strong smoked wood tones, full-bodied | 220
Jimlet Fox-Trot | gin, lime cordial, tonic water, lime zest | refreshing for all-day-long enjoymen | 220
Evolusi Nusantara | mango infused arak, chamomile infused gin, lychee, passionfruit, yoghurt, lemon | fruity, slightly sour | 220
Raw Super Food Mocktail | mint, pineapple juice, passionfruit, pomegranate, organic spirulina, chia honey | tropical, fruity and earthy | 95

Prices are in ‘000 Rupiah and are subject to government tax and service charge totaling 21%